Ad Configuration
WP-PWA allows you to insert ads in your website, between posts in post lists or within the content of posts or pages, being able to choose the position and order of these ads.
Here you have a videotutorial with the steps to follow once you have sign in. If you need it, we have detailed each step of the process just after the video.

  1. 1.
    Go to and sign in with your username and password
2. Select the site where you want to create an ad
3. At the bottom of the form, you should press the "Create Ad" button.
Remember you can create as many ads as you want
4. Define a name for the ad and click the configuration icon.
5. First, select your ad server from the dropdown menu "Ad Server". And then, define the required properties for the ad. (For example, if you use AdSense you must fill in the client, slot, width, height).
To know where to find the ad properties you can check out the following links: Adsense, Smart AdServer, Doubleclick. At the moment, we only support these ad servers.
6. Click the "Add Placement" blue button to specify where you would like to display your ad. Once you have done that, you have to configure the placement.
  • 6.1 Select from the dropdown menu where you want to place the ad (list of posts, single, gallery or custom post type) and then the specific page type/s. Please refer to the table below for more details about each page type.
Page type
List of posts
Latest posts
Ad is placed in the homepage
Ad is placed in all category pages
Ad is placed in all tag pages
Ad is placed in all the posts
Ad is placed in all the pages
Ad is placed in galleries
Custom post type
Custom post type
Ad is placed in custom-post-type. Add the names separated by commas
  • 6.2 Once you have selected the page types where your ads will be placed, you must specify their position in the next dropdown menu.
You can add as many placements as you want by clicking again the blue "Add Placement" button.
7. Once you have finished, remember to SAVE all changes
Important: please note that we place our ad between your first and second ad in each view, except for galleries. For more info, see our business model.
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