Does WP-PWA support my WordPress site?

WP-PWA supports blog posts and pages.
For example, any news site, magazine or blog such as As you can see, it has categories, authors, galleries, menus, featured images, tags, sharing buttons, etc.
However, our plugin does not support business/corporate websites, eCommerce, and neither custom templates.

Does WP-PWA support my current WordPress theme?

We create a Progressive Web App that is independent of your WordPress theme.
We doesn’t use PHP to render HTML anymore. Our solution uses a new system made with React and Node, carefully designed with performance in mind. We have made a lot of improvements which are (sadly) not possible in PHP.
This means that we are not able to re-use your theme. But it opens a new world of possibilities to build the best UX/UIs for the vibrant WordPress ecosystem.
Our system uses the new WordPress REST API to fetch the content (only the content).

Compatibility with third-party plugins

We use the REST API to take the content from your WordPress site and display it in a client-side rendered PWA. If a third-party plugin is compatible with the REST API, it should be compatible with ours as well. But it really depends on each plugin.
WP-PWA is compatible with some of the most popular plugins, such as YOAST SEO.
It does not support, however, those third-party plugins that implement major features such as WooCommerce.
Last modified 3yr ago